Dr. Juergen Rodegra

Attorney at law (New York)

Certified specialist for international corporate and business law

Attorney recommended by US-embassy


Dr. Jürgen Rodegra Dr. Juergen Rodegra

Dr. Juergen Rodegra, born 1958 in Hamburg, was admitted to the Berlin bar in 1991. Additionally, he was admitted to the New York bar in 1993.


He is a certified specialist for national and international corporate and business law.


Furthermore, Dr. Juergen Rodegra has been listed by the US-embassy in Berlin as a recommended lawyer for US-citizens.


The law office of Dr. Rodegra has been cooperating with several renowned law firms abroad, especially in the USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and South Africa, for many years.


Dr. Juergen Rodegra studied law and economics at the universities of Hamburg, Freiburg and Berlin. He also passed the LL.M. exam at Cornell Law School, Ithaca, N.Y.


He was awarded his doctorate at Free University of Berlin in 1993. The topic of his thesis was the function of the Federal Antitrust Agency according to the German constitution.


After having practiced law in New York City for several years he set up his own law firm in Berlin in 1998.


Besides of his work as a lawyer Dr. Rodegra has also started his academic career. He has been teaching several classes of students at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) in Berlin in international business law since 2010.